How to Start a Fire With a Lemon

How to Start a Fire With a Lemon

You will want to see How to Start a Fire With a Lemon. This easy and fun to do off grid life technique uses the popular fruit to start a fire. The step by step video tutorial on starting an off grid life fire is a simple technique with inexpensive materials that you might consider having on hand. If anything this off grid life hack is something you can try with the kids all in the name of science. To start this fun off grid life fire starter trick, you will need a lemon, six copper clips, six zinc nails, some wire and some steel wool. To start this off grid life hack, you will first need to soften up the lemon, then push the copper clips down onto one side of the lemon about 1/2 inch apart. Next, you will need to put the six zinc nails on the other side of the lemon making sure that the nails do not touch. Then with the wire, you will attach the first nail to the second copper clip until you get to the end. Then there will be one zinc nail left that you add some wire to; this will be the minus with the leftover copper clip connected to some wire being the plus. This will cause a reaction between the zinc nails and the copper clip that produces about five volts. With the steel wool, you will add some tinder, in this case, toilet paper was used for the off grid life hack, and the minus and plus wires touch the steel wool causing a short circuit and the steel wool becoming red hot.

This off grid life hack is just one of the things you can use lemons for. Of course, lemons are a popular staple ingredient that you will find in kitchens all over the world. Lemons are not only good for off grid life hacks, but they also have plenty of health benefits because they are alkaline forming, which helps your body balance its PH. Lemons are also high in vitamin C, with fresh lemon juice in water being a great liver detoxifier. Lemons also have antibacterial properties, and lemons have vitamin K, which helps to strengthen blood vessels.

There are many ways to live the off grid life. From using a green roof on off grid houses to keep your house warm and, more energy efficient to installing solar panels. Living in houses off the grid typically means that the off the grid houses is not connected to the main power grid. Living an off grid life typically means that the off grid houses are not connected to the main power grid. Off the grid house plans can rely on alone power systems or mini-grids. Off the grid housing electricity is an approach to access electricity that is used in some countries and areas that have little access to electricity, due to scattered or distant populations. Off the grid houses are becoming more and more popular as people strive to be independent from the whole grid system.

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