Building The Three Bucket Bio-Water-Filter

Building The Three Bucket Bio-Water-Filter

Water is one of the most necessary of human needs, so in a tough situation you might want this handy guide for Building The Three Bucket Bio-Water-Filter. Water is one of the things that we can't live for very long without. Our bodies need water in order to work properly as our bodies are 80% water themselves. Our cells need water to regenerate and keep up with all of the body's functions and processes. Water assists in the removal of toxins from our bodies as well, and we detoxify all of the impurities in our systems by drinking enough water. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day or more if your activity level is higher. The more active you are, the more water you will need because of the sweat you are excreting. Toxins from the body are also removed via our sweat glands in our skin and sweat also works as a way to cool down the body when it gets too hot. So if you don't have enough hydration in your system, your body has to work a lot harder to function as it normally would and it puts stress on your system.

But what about in the case of a crisis or survival when we need water but we don't have access to clean drinking water? Well that is where off the grid water systems come into play, and water purification systems like this one from Ask a Prepper How To are really beneficial to know how to do. It is very important that the water you are drinking is clean and pure, you don't want to be overloading your body with toxic chemicals. So when it comes to off grid water systems, you want to make sure that you have a purification or filter system in place. There are many water purification systems that you can purchase, but they can be fairly pricy. When you are living an off grid life, you also want to make sure that your water purification system isn't using up too much energy either. So that is where off grid water systems like this three bucket bio water filter will come in handy. Off the grid water systems don't have to be complicated, and they are simply to filter out any impurities and may not be able to filter out harsh chemicals. For filtering out harsher chemicals, you will need a more powerful system that has the capability to purify them out of the water.

There are always other options you can use to purify water. You can boil it, which doesn't remove all of the particles, so you would still need a filter. You can also add chlorine to the water to purify it but if you are living an off grid life this is pretty unsustainable. The three level bio water filter has three separate layers that the water filters through. There is a gravel layer, which can remove larger particles, then there is the sand layer that floating particles, and finally the charcoal layer which will remove microscopic pathogens. You want to make sure that you use activated charcoal for this process as well. You can purchase it at a health food store, or you can activate it yourself. The Ask a Prepper How To blog shares how to activate your own charcoal. The buckets you use could be obtained from a hardware store, but you can find them recycled at bakeries, and restaurants as well. Try out this awesome water filtration system and see how well it can work for you. And try out some of the other awesome off grid life and survival tutorials featured on Ask a Prepper How To. *

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